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Neoui [너의] Stargazers, also known as "Your Stargazers" in English, was founded in November 2016 and launched in December after the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Was Here fan support video project.

Our purpose is to cherish, love, protect, and help - not just within our community or the United States, but around the world.
About the Founder

About our Partner
akinahana89, an American Born Taiwanese, is usually known for being four things: a coffee addict, a poetry and fiction writer, a charity activitist, and a K-drama fanatic.

Her very first K-drama experience was at a mere 12-years-old with the melodrama, "Autumn in My Heart." This knowledge is always shocking and people often question whether or not she had ever suffered any mental or emotional scars as a result of watching such an intense tragedy at such a young age.

However, on the contrary, she was instantly hooked and has been on a non-stop journey to watch as much K-dramas as possible ever since.

She first became Uaena in 2009, after hearing Lee Ji Eun/IU's song, "Mia (Missing Child)," but, it was Lee Ji Eun's debut acting role as Kim Pil Suk in "Dream High" that solidified her Uaena status. From that moment forward, Lee Ji Eun became her ultimate bias and akinahana89 fully invested herself into every single aspect of Lee Ji Eun, growing alongside her over the years.

Her HaJunSe status, however, didn't occur until 2013 when she watched Lee Joon Gi's action drama, "Two Weeks." To this day, akinahana89 still doesn't know what originally drew her to him and his drama, but she knows that she immediately fell for his on-screen and off-screen interactions with Lee Chae Mi, the cute child actress that portrayed his on-screen daughter.

Pair that with his charm, his quirkiness, his ability to bring his characters to life in unique ways, and his deep, apparent love for his fans, there was no way for akinahana89 to resist him.
But, although she was HaJunSe, Lee Joon Gi was still only on her Top 5 Favorite K-Actors list (and Top 10 All-Time Favorite Actors list), until...

Lee Joon Gi took on the role of Wang So in "Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" in 2016. With a truly Daesang Award worthy performance where Lee Joon Gi didn't simply portray Wang So, he became him, Lee Joon Gi shot to the very top of her list.

Thoroughly mesmerized, amazed, and invested in every aspect of Lee Joon Gi and Wang So, akinahana89's love for him became too deep-rooted to remove. Not that she wants to remove it, anyway!

From there, the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Was Here fan project was born.

Upon realizing the power that HaJunSe and Uaenas weld as the result of the fan project, akinahana89 decided to take fan support one step further by combining her two ultimate biases into one by joining the hands of HaJunSe and Uaenas.

With the help of her partner, Meahri, who was one of the two original (and biggest) supporters of all her fan project ideas, akinahana89 sincerely hopes that the two communities can become one to help the less fortunate while spreading the love and good name of Lee Joon Gi and Lee Ji Eun at the same time.

akinahana89 wants to, slowly but surely, accomplish one main goal: for Neoui Stargazers to reach out their hands and hearts to change the world, or someone's world, one charity and one organization at a time.
Meahri, a self-professed otaku obsessed with anime and the K-drama universe, was born in the Philippines, raised in Hawaii, and currently resides in Southern California.

A fan of musicals with a preference for acoustical performances, Meahri became a K-drama addict and Uaena in one fell swoop in 2012 after marathoning "Dream High" and watching video after video of IU’s performances after seeing her in "Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook." Just like Yoo Hee Yeol, she found herself utterly captivated with IU (Lee Ji Eun), and since then has enjoyed watching the young vocalist evolve and grow as a musical artist and actress.

A lover also of action films and especially the martial arts sub-genre, Meahri first discovered Lee Joon Gi in the drama "My Girl," but didn’t become a fan until watching his fluid moves in "Arang and the Magistrate."

One of her favorite K-drama actors, his ranking on Meahri’s top-10 list moved several spots to number 1 with Joon-Gi’s awesome portrayal of Wang So in "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" (SHR).

Fully ensnared by the addictive nature of SHR’s tragic love story and becoming totally besotted with the love affair of Wang So and Haesoo AND the explosive chemistry of Lee Joon Gi and Lee Ji Eun, Meahri was quick to answer akinahana89’s call to assist with Neoui Stargazers.

Meahri hopes that all Eclipses and Stargazers find an outlet for their love of SHR and its leads by coming together to help those in need.
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